Fourteen years of providing professional surveys for leading ecological consultancies across the UK


Past Projects

  • Provision of surveyors and survey leaders for three years on Hornsea Zone; one of the largest offshore wind developments in Europe, recording sea mammals and seabirds to ESAS standards and methodologies for EMU Ltd.
  • Provision of surveyors and survey leaders for many other Round 1 & Round 2 offshore windfarm sites in UK waters. Collectively worked on over 30 sites to date with thousands of hours of survey time.
  • Provided surveyors on the IBTS Fisheries Research Vessels as seabird and marine mammal observers in UK and European waters.
  • Conducted bird surveys for research work into tidal turbine sites off Orkney and West Wales.
  • We have provided onshore bird surveys for over 50 onshore potential windfarm and other development sites across the UK. This includes three nuclear power station projects as well as shipping ports, motorways, rail and other major developments across the UK.
  • Regularly providing on-the-ground support for bat surveys and mitigation in Wales and England.
  • In 2016 we undertook intensive ornithology surveys on the M4 extension corridor around Newport, South Wales including breeding bird and Cetti warbler surveys for RPS.
  • Previously undertook bat surveys on a suite of sites in South Wales using assorted transects and static monitoring methods.
  • Work as part of the HiDef/Bioconsult identification team examining aerial footage of offshore sites.

Current Projects

  • Currently undertaking bird surveys on potential windfarm sites in Wales
  • Undertaking post-construction monitoring work on Tir Gywnt operational wind farm in Mid Wales with BiOME Consulting Ltd.
  • Undertaking Honey Buzzard surveys for post-construction ornithology work in South Wales.
  • Currently undertaking pre-construction raptor and black grouse lek surveys for a wind farm in North Wales.
  • Breeding and wintering bird surveys for a planned wind farm site in North Wales.
  • Undertaking bird surveys at existing windfarms for ‘extension of life’ EIAs in Mid Wales.
  • Undertaking post-construction ornithology work on Strathy North wind farm in Sutherland.
  • Bird, butterfly and vegetation monitoring on behalf of ECUS for the Farm Payment Scheme in Caithness & Sutherland,
  • Surveys being provided at several sensitive sites for reptiles and newts.
  • Continuing ornithology surveys in Morecambe Bay for cabling routes focusing on terns and waders.
  • Currently involved in ESAS surveys for two tidal sites off the Welsh coast.
  • Undertaken full EcIAs (Ecological Impact Assessments) for a variety of clients including landscape architects, housing developers and utility companies.
  • Ongoing breeding and wintering ornithology and protected species work for the M4 corridor with RPS.
  • Continuing to provide bat surveys for Clwydian Ecology in England & Wales.
  • We have over 60 years combined experience in the field and have previously managed 8 NNRs as well as SSSIs and LNRs.
  • We have performed roles and undertaken work for SNH, CCW (now NRW) and Natural England as well as JNCC.
  • We have significant overseas experience having conducted bird and mammal surveys in North America, Africa and the Indian Ocean.

Previous Clients Include:

Aberdeen University, AECOM, AMEC, Arbtech, Atlantic Ecology, Avian Ecology, Baker Consultants, BSG Ecology, Cork Ecology, Cynefin Consultants, Clwydian Ecology, ECON Ecology, Ecotech, ECUS Ltd, Ellesmere College, ENTEC UK, ERM, ESS Ecology, Freedom Group, Geoguide, Gerald Longley Ecological Associates, Halcrow, HiDef/Bioconsult, Hull University, Jacob’s/SKM, JNCC, Marine Current Turbines, Natural England, Natural Power, Network Rail, PMSS, Pure Ecology, RPS, RSK, Scott Wilson, SLR Consulting, TEP, Turnstone Ecology, West Coast Energy/Atmos & a variety of other clients and developers.

“Over the past five years, I have regularly commissioned Stuart and his team to undertake terrestrial bird surveys for proposed wind farm sites across the UK. Their field survey work and data provision has always been accurate and of a high standard, providing me with assurance when preparing impact assessments and developing robust mitigation strategies at these sites.”

- Alastair Miller Principal Consultant AMEC