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Micky Maher

Micky is an ecological consultant based between the North-east of England and Shropshire. He is a specialist ornithologist who also works with and provides mitigation and survey advice for other European Protected Species, such as great crested newts, bats and sea mammals. To that, he holds both bat and great crested survey licences from Natural England!

He has worked on numerous building and renewables sites throughout the UK and has surveyed most of Britain’s breeding bird species, including seabirds. As such he is familiar with all of the currently recognised and used ornithological census techniques and has an excellent working knowledge of how these are applied in an EIA context.

Over the last twenty years Micky has been employed by some of the leading conservation organisations in Britain including JNCC, SNH, RSPB, The National Trust and The Wildlife Trusts. He is a qualified European Seabirds At Sea (ESAS) trainer for JNCC. He holds a current CSCS for construction sites.

Whilst working for SNH he was the site manager for one of Europe’s largest seabird colonies; and between 2002-2007 he was employed by Shetland Biological Records Centre. During his time on Shetland he was the county bird recorder and is now a member of the British Birds Rarities Committee.

Micky has watched birds and other wildlife throughout the world for work and pleasure. He has published several identification papers on birds and authored species accounts for The Birds of Scotland. He is a senior ornithologist at HiDef aerial surveying and has helped to create their excellent ornithological system. As a wildlife guide he has led over 100 successful trips throughout Europe and Asia.

Micky Maher
Micky Maher
Lead Ecologist